Social Skills Coaching:

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Speaking and public appearances:

Topics include various motivational topics, overcoming adversity, women empowerment, achieving personal goals, effective communication.

Personal, transition, and life coaching:

In this partnership the client is coached to identify and or clarify their goals and priorities, take appropriate steps, and achieve success.  Motivation, personal goals and strength, and moving forward are key components.

In Transition Planning and Coaching clients who are going through life’s transitions are coached to make this process as successful as possible.  This is particularly helpful to high school students transitioning to adulthood. Transition services are intended to help youth with or without disabilities make the transition from the world of high school to the world of adulthood.

Women’s well being and empowerment:

Managing the various demands that are placed on women and achieving a more balanced life.

Career coaching:

Feeling more fulfilled in one’s career and accomplishing one’s objectives are the key objectives in this partnership.

Educational and academic coaching:

Goals may range from identifying academic objectives and decision making, to identifying the best educational institutions for their needs, and taking needed actions to achieve academic success. Clients range from graduate students to college students to those still in high school as well as international students who can benefit from identifying and clarifying their educational goals and finding effective strategies to achieve their desired results.

Leadership coaching:

A service provided to individual executives or organizations that helps support and build more effective capabilities and skills to achieve organizational goals.


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