Roya Ostovar, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is the Program Director and the Fellowship and Training Program Director at the Center for Neurodevelopmental Services (CNS) at McLean Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Ostovar is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, an independent consultant, and coach with extensive experience and expertise in helping people with identifying and achieving personal goals, motivation, personal strength, relationship success, moving forward,empowerment, and leadership development through coaching, and consultation. She has served as a consultant to many individuals, families, and programs on developing effective strength based strategies and tools that enhance performance, well being, and productivity.

As a highly regarded coach, consultant, clinical psychologist,educator, author and presenter, Dr. Ostovar has over fifteen years of experience helping individuals and organizations navigate various challenges effectively and strategically by using easy, practical, and individualized tools in order to gain the perspective they need to manage issues faced .

Uniquely experienced in coaching, consulting, psychology, program management, effective social skills,and education, Dr. Ostovar has a track record that focuses on achieving tangible bottom-line results. She helps individuals move forward through strengthening leadership abilities, personal effectiveness and influence.

An internationally recognized expert in social coaching, social pragmatics and skills, and non-verbal use of language in social communications, Dr. Ostovar has helped many clients to become more effective communicators personally and professionally. Dr. Ostovar’s experience has included assessing, coaching and consulting with women, leaders and executives, undergraduate and graduate students, and anyone who wants to function more effectively and successfully in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Ostovar is the author of 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Skills Coaching. Dr. Ostovar also authored The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder, which received Creative Child Magazine’s 2010 Preferred Choice Award in Parenting Aids-Special Needs-Sensory Processing category. She also wrote the chapter “An Overview of Adolescent Development” for Helping Your Troubled Teen,book published by Fair Winds Press (2007). She has also written a six week intensive curriculum on Teaching Social Skills and social pragmatics for more effective communication for children and teens.

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